Prove your humanity

Summer in Perth means only one thing: people are out of their houses trying to take advantage of the hot weather. Whether that be heading to the beach to make the most of the heat or checking out a new brunch spot on a lazy Sunday, everyone is out and looking for something new to entertain themselves with. Back again this year is the Moonlight Cinemas program at Kings Park—an outdoor cinema only available during the season of summer.

Making an appearance from the 60’s and 70’s, outdoor cinemas, just like bell bottom jeans and tie-dye, have begun to make their notable and popular return. A current warm weather trend for this time period, outdoor cinemas have become a fun activity to share with your friends, partner or family during this time of the year! And in addition to the movie, the team at Moonlight have loads of other perks such as a variety of food and entertainment for the kids before the film begins.

Moonlight Cinemas have a wide range of films on offer for the summer—there’s something for everyone! There are some old classics like Home Alone and 10 Things I Hate About You and also some up-and-coming flicks such as Knives Out and Frozen 2. If you’re going on a cute summer date or if you’re bringing the whole family, you’ll be able to choose from a huge pool of films so that everyone enjoys the movie. The January season has already been released and they are set to release their February season later this month. They also provide advanced screenings of some movies before they’ve even hit the cinemas!

Movies will start at 8pm, but if you want to get your bucks worth, I would arrive around 6:30 or 7pm to get a good seat and experience the cool air Perth has to offer in the evening. If you’re driving in, there’s a helpful guide about which street to take to efficiently get to the venue that’s available on their website. You can bring your own picnic blanket to lay down before watching the movie, alternatively, Moonlight also offer a snazzy beanbag renting service. Each costs $9 to rent, but beware, they’re deathly comfortable and you might (most likely will) fall asleep on them mid-movie. But if you’re not prone to snoring, then it is worth splashing a bit of extra cash for that extra comfort. You should also keep in mind that it does get a bit chilly when the sun sets so, if you get cold easily, I would recommend bringing a jacket or a blanket to snuggle up to that special someone with.

If you’re hungry, Deliveroo provide a menu full of things such as pork belly bites or spring rolls (big yes) for you to purchase. Bear in mind though, Moonlight are now a cashless venue—so you’ll need to bring your card with you! If you don’t want to spend money on food, then you can always pack some and have a picnic while watching the film.

As someone who tries to keep away from the crowds during the summer time, for Moonlight Cinemas, I would dare to venture into them. The ambience is the most memorable part. You get the added advantages of Perth’s great summer weather while watching a movie of your choosing. It’s worth every penny that you would usually spend on a regular movie. And it’s an activity that will suit anyone: whether you’re bringing your whole family, some of your mates or trying to plan a date night for your boo, you can never go wrong watching a movie outdoors, paired with some food and a cold beer.


Moonlight Cinemas is on at Kings Park until 29th March 2020.