Prove your humanity

On Friday night, I made the trek to Belvoir Amphitheatre to watch prolific American hip hop collective BROCKHAMPTON perform. I had never been to the amphitheatre before and didn’t realise how long it would actually take to get there. The 50-minute drive gave me time to question if BROCKHAMPTON was going to be worth what I was going to have to pay in petrol. Thankfully, when I got there, those worries disappeared. The amphitheatre in the Swan Valley was the perfect venue—the night had a relaxed but energised feel to it thanks to the surroundings, great opening acts, and the electric BROCKHAMPTON.

The event started with two opening acts who played to the slowly growing crowd. Both were DJs, doing their best to get the crowd going with remixes of popular songs. I sat up high on the steps of the amphitheatre to get a better a view of the crowd as the night started to amp up. But it was the final opening act that bought the audience to their feet. Setting the tempo for the rest of the night, Aussie rappers Shadow and Bass Cadet hyped up the crowd. I can’t believe I had never heard of either of them before this, but I’m now a keen follower on Spotify.

With a quick break and the placement of two giant blue hands on stage, the night kicked off with the gradually intensifying of beats of 2019 release St. Percy. One by one, the BROCKHAMPTON members came onstage with an eruption from the crowd.

Throughout the set, they didn’t seem to slow down at all, playing songs like the downtempo Sugar and Latin-influenced Boy Bye with huge responses from thousands in the crowd. The boys jumped energetically around the stage and were hard to miss in their matching orange jumpsuits. They even threw in a couple of choreographed moves—because why not? It was obvious they knew how to work a crowd. At one stage in the night they asked the crowd if anyone wanted to go up on stage and, quickly, there were people around me fighting to get up.

Perth was just the third stop for them on their tour and they really brought their A-game. Even as they rounded up the night, they managed to keep the audience alive. Their diverse range of music and energetic performance guaranteed that there was nothing not to love about the night.