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International Student Committee Candidates: Raghav Choudhary featured left and Cristian Moreno (Illuminate) featured right.

For this year’s election, Illuminate’s Cristian Moreno and Raghav Choudhary are running for International Student Committee president.

The International Student Committee is one of Guild’s equity departments which aims to raise cultural awareness and inclusiveness for international students at Curtin.

Cristian is doing a Master of Geophysics and Raghav is an Information Technology student.

Cristian considers the ISC key in connecting international students around campus.

“The objective of the committee is to represent, unity, and support students against any problems they may face,
“This committee is important not only because it is the group that international students can consult on any subject, but it is also their representation before the university’s directives.”

Cristian wants to increase international student’s engagements on campus.

“Since the international community presents important numbers within the university, I would like to generate greater participation of international students inside the Curtin Guild, since currently only one person is directly linked.”

Raghav believes in the importance of social activeness and aims to organise social activities assisting homeless people.

“Understanding the pain of the people affected made me realise the importance of social work and philanthropy. I came from India where we have extremes either people are rich or below the poverty line,

“Why if someone is born there [below the poverty line] should miss all the opportunities just because someone is poor.”

Raghav will try his best in letting student’s voices to be heard.

“I am always open to my peer’s ideas and have a relentless motivation to make the change better,
“I will make sure that the student problems are not ignored and ensure that suitable action is taken by the university.”

Both candidates addressed the impacts of COVID-19 on international students.

“Recognising that the international student community continues to be impacted by COVID-19, I will fight more not only for the reduction of university fees by at least 10 per cent but also for the eradication of the racism inside the university walls proposing the expulsion of students who commit these sorts of abuses,” says Cristian.
Raghav said 2020 had been a rough year for international students with major changes in teaching methods and recent travel bans impacting international students travelling to and from their home countries.

As both candidates are striving for the better in engaging the international student body, the choice is yours.

Voting on campus will happen from 21-24 September 2020.