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Post Graduate Candidates:Featured left, Chris Grant ( Left Action), featured right May Majimbi (Illuminate)

The Postgraduate Student Committee is an equity department under Guild which assists postgraduate students to achieve work-life balance and holds regular networking events.

For this year’s election, Left Action’s Chris Grant and Illuminate’s May Majimbi will be running for the Postgraduate Committee President.

Chris is a strong believer in student unions and sees the potential of the PSC.

“I think it is time to rebuild that tradition of student unionism in the PSC,

“Universities don’t just exist in some bubble detached from the rest of the world, and so we shouldn’t just stand on the sidelines while these struggles are happening,

“The PSC should have a social conscience, and take a stand on these issues,”

Both candidates address the impact of fee cuts on students.

“With the impending staff cuts, to the tune of $41 million, and continual threats to higher education through proposed fee changes, we will be campaigning, writing letters and mobilising our peers to stand up against these changes,” says May.

“Curtin has clearly had these cuts in mind for a while and is using COVID-19 as a cover to go ahead with them,” says Chris.

“I would help to organise and publicise protests against the cuts. If we are going to defeat these attacks, we need an on-going campaign that makes it clear to the university that students and staff aren’t going to take these attacks lying down.”

May is a PhD candidate in the School of Public health. She is confident in her re-election and aims to increase student engagement.

“I’m eager to increase the visibility of the PSC. In the past few months, we have established a stronger online presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

“Last year, the committee has engaged with the university on improving the digital space and defended face to face learning.

“The work of the PSC is increasingly important because of the value we add to the postgraduate student experience,

“However, there are many postgrads who don’t know about us. We are working on strategies to reach out and engage with students.”

As both candidates presented a passion to achieve positive improvements for the student community, you are the one to vote.

Voting will be at Club HQ (Building 106B), 21-24 September, 10 am to 4 pm. Student ID will be required.

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