Prove your humanity


Left Action’s Yuna Katavic and Illuminate’s Lucy Rohl are this year’s candidates for the Health Sciences faculty representative at Curtin’s Guild.


The role, held in 2020 by Jeru Sundar is responsible for ensuring the needs of health science students are represented and reflected within Curtin’s policy and procedure.


According to the official publication of the 2020 elections, Left Action’s candidate Yuna Katavic said the Guild should act as a body that empowers students to be able to organise and defend their rights.


“Students and staff at Curtin shouldn’t have to settle for wage cuts and decreased quality of education because of these financial and ideological attacks.”


Katavic said that the cuts to the jobseeker and jobkeeper payments will see many students pushed lower below the poverty line.


“We need to fight the Liberals taking away these long overdue welfare increases.”

Rohl says through her experience as a queer person studying health sciences, she noticed a lack of education around queer identities and health issues.


“Queer people have, on average, worse health outcomes and are more likely to have negative impacts on mental health and wellbeing.


It is almost certain that health professionals will interact with queer people during their career, so it is vital that we are taught about the health of the queer community.”


Rohl wants to continue to support the expansion of Curtin’s counselling capacity.


“Waiting times are too long, and this can discourage people from receiving help.


“As a part of this, I will also promote more specialist psychologists to help those affected by specific mental health issues.”


Lucy Rohl has experience within the Guild, being involved with the Representation Board, Finance and Risk Committee and Activities Committee.

The Guild Elections will be running from the 21-24 September 2020.