Prove your humanity

Business and Law faculty candidates for the 2021 Curtin Guild are Progress’ and Illuminate’s Dylan Botica.

The Business and Law faculty role, currently  held by Jesse Zambrano, is responsible for ensuring the needs of business and law students are represented and reflected within Curtin’s policy and procedure.

Dylan Botica who was Accessibility officer in 2020’s Guild, believes the right candidate for this position must possess three essential elements: experience, good values and independence from external organisations.

“I’ll make sure to be a reliable contact for students so that they can go about their studies with the confidence that I’ll be there to fight for them when they need it.

Botica says the increase in the cost of Commerce and Law degrees by 23% would disproportionately affecting students from marginalised communities

“This increase in the cost of our degrees is paired with a reduction in funding resulting in a more expensive, poorer quality education. This is unacceptable.”

Elle Gerok, is the opposing candidate running under Progress.

Gerok says in the official publication for the 2020 Guild elections they will be laser focused on the on Mental Health.

They believe a welfare vice president, that is dedicated to the welfare of students should be mandatory within Curtin’s Guild.

“I have worked and been a client in mental health services for most of my life and as such I can see that more funding for Curtin mental health services is necessary so that the service is as accessible and robust as possible.

“LGBTQI and CALD friendliness needs to be inquired for this service so we can all access without fear.”

Curtin’s counselling services is a free, confidential service that focuses on short-term therapy for students.

The Curtin Guild elections are running from 21-24 September.