Prove your humanity

Unprecedented times called for unprecedented strides in music during 2020. 

As the music industry was stuck indoors, the opportunity arose to create more music that kept our souls alive during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

One group that valiantly took on the challenge of producing their debut album, Sunlight, during the COVID-19 lockdowns was Perth-based, garage-pop outfit, Spacey Jane. The fourth single on their album, Skin was our February ‘Beat of the Week’. 

Image Credit : Triple J

Featuring sunny guitar chords, introspective lyrics, and a foot-tapping tempo guaranteed to stay with you, it has also been crowned our ‘Beat of the Year’ for 2020. Skin explores deep inner conflict from a personal perspective that connects with many of their dedicated fans.

According to Caleb Harper (lead vocals, drums) and Kieran Lama (drums), Skin is ‘about learning to protect yourself at the cost of knowing how to let people in a little bit. An attempt to be satisfied with that trade-off, but falling short, really, because you sort of end up doing more damage by shutting the world out in some ways.’

Both Skin and Booster Seat are in the running for a chance to make it into Triple J’s Hottest 100. Another Hottest 100 debut for the band would seal an incredible year, having gone from strength to strength.

We look forward to anxiously awaiting those distinctive strings on Saturday 23rd as we count down to number one.

Can’t wait till Saturday? Check out our compilation of songs from our music team that made it to the top as our ‘Beat of the Week’ in 2020.


Watch the music video for Skin below!