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“January 26 is not a date to celebrate.”

The National Union of Students condemns Australia Day celebrations in a scathing press release.

“The foundations of this country are built on the deaths and forced removals of First Nations Peoples, and the desecration of our sacred countries for ‘straya’ to exist.”

The press release emphasises that sovereignty was never ceded, condemning both the history of genocide in Australia and the continued transgenerational trauma which stems from colonisation.

“Until we have reconciled the atrocities that have been, and continue to be, committed against Indigenous people, we cannot celebrate what makes this country great.”

Calls for reconciliation echo throughout this media release, imploring nation-wide reflection, acknowledgement and education of the significance of the 26th January and the necessity to abolish celebrations on this date.

“NUS condemns the on-going celebration of Australia Day as an event that is a symbol of the ongoing oppression of First Nations people and whitewashes the history of genocide.”

Only through a better understanding of Australia’s black history and true reconciliation can we ever secure the hopes to be as one.


Click below to read the complete NUS media release.


NUS Invasion Day Media Release


Image credit: Eric Lobbecke