Prove your humanity

Tearing his way into the new year with another downright charming and cathartic release is Noah Dillon with That’s Just How I Feel.

Following an impressive 2020 with the release of hit singles Sunburnt in July and Knievel Daredevil featuring Asha Jefferies, Dillon has kept that momentum rolling with his latest track. 

Image Credit: Dan Hilderbrand

A masterful blend of indie-rock and catchy pop, the track takes the listener on a journey into the emotional and relatable world that is Dillon’s songwriting. Captivated by those opening claps that resonate in the soul, the energy just amplifies and builds from there. Subconsciously, my foot was already tapping in tempo as the chorus crescendos and, ‘That’s just how I feel!’ is belted out. 

The accompanying music video was co-directed and produced by Dillon and local photographer/producer, Daniel Hildebrand. Oozing with charm, vibrancy and the hurricane energy we expect from Dillon, the video features some stunning visuals and impressive costuming. 

This track feels like it was made for live performances as I imagine a sea of starstruck fans loudly singing along. You can join this metaphorical crowd at one of the shows for Dillon’s ‘That’s Just How I Feel’ Australian tour over March and April. 


Watch the music video for That’s Just How I Feel below!



Stream the track below!