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For this week’s meet-cute collection, we are looking at binge-worthy TV series on Netflix. This list offers a range of romantic narratives to get you through February and beyond, promising to quench your thirst for those swoon-worthy, slow burn love affairs. We invite you to delve into relationship drama, wander through Highschool hallways and embrace the surprising raunchiness of Regency-era England. You won’t regret it!

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Sex Education (2019-)

From appearances alone, Laurie Nunn’s Sex Education might seem like any other sex-obsessed teen drama with romance thrown in. It takes only a single episode, however, to see this show’s unique brilliance. Although it primarily follows a self-conscious, sexually-inexperienced teen named Otis, the show switches between multiple perspectives to tell a diverse collection of stories. Sex Education is incredibly empathetic and thoughtful in the way it deals with complex issues. It covers a host of sensitive topics without ever feeling forced or fake—avoiding the trap of performative wokeness. It is also hilarious and visually stunning, with lush Welsh backdrops and a distinct, wonderful wardrobe that is perfectly tailored to each character. In terms of romance, there are several subplots to choose from, but the main romantic storyline surpasses sweetness to become genuinely moving. Even the platonic relationships in this series are handled with remarkable care, so that viewers are just as fond of the friendships as they are the romantic pairings.



You Me Her (2016-2020)

You Me Her is an entirely different and unique romcom sitcom created by John Scott Shepherd that tells the story of a happily married couple that begin to date a third person together. The series revolves around the throuple, EJI (Emma, Jack, Izzy). The story is very addictive with a well-written and precise plot. In this romcom, we embark on the different adventures of a polyamorous relationship drama. We experience the struggles EJI faces when trying to make their relationship work regardless of the odds they encounter. The love they have for one another is what makes it engaging, real, hilarious and sometimes emotional. What makes this show entirely pleasing is the fact that it gives a fresh look at and different perspective on relationships, which a lot of its viewers will appreciate. The cast play their roles excellently making the characters believable, real and very much relatable. This five season series is definitely something to brace yourself for as each episode will leave you wanting more and more.



Never Have I Ever (2020-)

The latest project by the multi-talented Mindy Kaling, Never Have I Ever is a comedy drama about a first-generation Indian-American teenage girl named Devi. Devi is a clever, funny, future-oriented fifteen-year-old played by newcomer Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, and hers is a refreshingly realistic perspective on the Highschool experience. Although not everything that Devi goes through is typical for a teen, the show manages to be light and silly while also feeling suitably grounded. Its more dramatic elements, humour and likeable characters are all clearly created with a teenage audience in mind, but it is nevertheless an easy-to-watch and entertaining story for older viewers too. Most importantly, and in true Kaling fashion (I highly recommend The Mindy Project), Never Have I Ever has a romantic storyline that begins cheesy and becomes something totally worthy of investment.



Bridgerton (2021-)

If you are looking for a show with romance, comedy, drama and scandal, this novel-inspired series has it all. It showcases beauty filled with a diverse world in London’s high society. With its cast, it explores the themes of honour, status, hardship, family, trust and many more. The series created by Chris Van Dusen takes us to a version of Regency-era England in 1813 that paints history in a more ethnically diverse approach. The chemistry between the actors makes it a likeable watch for the audience, especially with the connection between Daphne and Simon. Every moment they share seems so real, exciting and breathtaking. The elements of fights, affairs, gossip and sex are the main driving force of the plots, which are just good enough to keep the audience actively paying attention to the desirable and eager characters. If you are looking for a show to keep you invested in the regency fantasy world, Bridgerton will keep you glued to your screens with its 8 episodes of drama in the first season.



Lovesick (2014-2018)

There are many romantic tropes to swoon over but one of the best by far is the friends-to-lovers trope. But if you are sick of this dynamic being played out again and again, don’t worry because the British show, Lovesick will subvert all your expectations.

Lovesick follows twenty-something Dylan who finds out he has chlamydia and sets off on a quest to tell all the girls he’s slept with. Through a series of flashbacks we learn the story of how he bedded each girl and how they have changed his life in one way or another. The comedy isn’t contrived but instead comes from genuine moments. This series will also validate you if you have ever struggled with unrequited feelings or just the sense that you have no idea what you are doing with your life.

It only has three seasons, which kills me especially knowing that Riverdale has just been greenlit for a sixth season. However, they are a glorious three seasons and with each episode being around half an hour long, you can easily binge this series in a week if you don’t pace yourself.

If you are still not convinced just know it was originally called “Scrotal Recall” which shows you how seriously this show takes itself.