Prove your humanity

Despite the weather forecast predicting unusually rainy days, there was nothing but warmth emanating from this semester’s Curtin’s Guild O’Day. With a huge turnout of over 5000 people, the Guild welcomed students to the new semester with smiles and umbrellas.

Curtin Guild O’Day is a wonderful opportunity for new students, and current students, to immerse themselves in the university environment. Students can meet their Guild representatives, join clubs that match their likes and interests and stock up on freebies. For new students, it’s the perfect way to begin their university journey; and for current students, it’s a great reminder of the services available to them and the many friendships that can be made.

The Guild had many things on offer this semester with 100 club stalls on display, a Guild stage featuring a live performance from former Curtin student Tobias Muh, a cute-as-heck photo booth and a free show bag brimming with all the necessary goodies. There was even a unicorn, which is a rare sight to see this time of the year.

Grok was once again a red beacon amongst the club stalls. For all those that chatted to us, we want to thank you for your time and express how amazing it was to hear from you. Grok is, and forever will be, a student-run publication and there is nothing we want more than to deliver our stories to you and encourage you all to have a crack at it.

If you’ve missed out on this semester’s Guild O’Day or just want to relive the magic all over again, then check out the recap photos below by Iyke Martin-Gordon!


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Also, watch the recap video below, shot and edited by Apurva Gupta!