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As we rip off another page in our calendar, students roaming around campus or reading their emails this spring may be wondering two things: how is it September already? And what the heck is Guild Election?

Although I can’t explain how we’ve already gone through three quarters of the year already—it feels like April was yesterday—I can give you all the details about this election season. In this compact, exclusive guide, we’ll be unpacking what the Guild is and what initiatives to look out for and a timeline of when it will all go down.

What is the Guild?

The Curtin Student Guild is a student-run union whose priority is to barrack for YOU, your experiences on campus and your education. They are responsible for running many services around campus (such as the Tav and G-Mart), hosting year-round events (Guild O’Day, Club Carnival, etc.), supporting clubs and serving up some tasty student discounts. More importantly, the Guild is composed of council members and representatives that support and advocate for students from all disciplines and special interest groups. It’s a place that ensures students are being heard, so we can all get the best out of our university experience.

Image Credit: Curtin Student Guild

What are the Guild Elections?

The Guild election gives students the chance to elect the members of next year’s Guild Council and National Union of Students (NUS) delegates. The positions available for this year’s election include the following:

  • Guild Executives: The ones who run the whole gig.
    • President
    • Vice President Education
    • Vice President Activities
  • Faculty Representatives: There is a representative for each faculty and they are responsible for addressing concerns and issues raised by students on behalf of the student body.
    • Faculty of Business and Law Representative
    • Faculty of Science and Engineering Representative
    • Faculty of Health Sciences Representative
    • Faculty of Humanities Representative
  • Equity Departments: Here is where you find representatives that support special interest groups. Their goal is to make Curtin a safe space for everyone.
    • Queer Officer
    • Women’s Officer
    • First Nations Officer
    • Accessibility Officer
    • International Students Committee President
    • Postgraduate Students Committee President
  • 6 x Guild Councillors (at least 3 identifying as women): They keep the Guild Reps in check and make sure the Guild is doing its best.
  • 6 x Representation Board Members (at least 3 identifying as women): They are here to provide multiple perspectives during issue discussions and make sure that student’s best interests are at heart.
  • 7 x National Union of Students (NUS) Delegates: The delegates are those expected to attend the national conference where they will determine policy, finances and office bearers for next year.

Do I have to vote?

Voting in the election is not compulsory but encouraged. If you want to get involved, there are two ways to vote in the election: through a postal vote or in-person polls. Applications for postal votes are available online and close on September 14th. In-person polls occur on campus and take place from 10am to 4pm between September 20th and 23rd. The polls will be located at Club HQ (Building 106B) and Curtin South (near the Mallokup Cafe). Voting is only open to students currently enrolled at Curtin.

Image Credit: Curtin Student Guild

Why should I care about these elections?

Well, for starters, every Curtin student is a member of the Guild, which means you are the main stakeholders of the Guild. Not only that, but if you are paying your SSAF then you are an investor in the Guild. 50% of your SSAF goes towards the Guild… Don’t you want to know how the committee members and your representatives are going to utilise that funding? Also, you are who the Guild is actively advocating for, so you should make sure that you are electing people who represent your interests.

When is the election?

Here is an election timeline that details when everything will be happening:

  • Nominations open August 16th and close September 2nd
  • The Ballot is drawn, and we find out who the candidates/campaigners are on September 3rd
  • Campaigning begins on September 13th
  • The deadline for postal vote applications is September 14th
  • Polls open on September 20th, running everyday from 10am to 4pm until September 23rd
  • Declaration of Poll, aka we find out who won, on October 7th

If you want to know more about the Guild Election, then head over to the Guild website at

And make sure you keep an eye out for more of Grok’s Guild Election coverage!