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The decision of reducing two tuition free weeks down to one was approved in 2018, as the summer school was extended from 6 to 11 weeks.

Findings from a Curtin Student Guild survey saw 55% of students indicate that they do not receive feedback for their assessments in time and over 8o% agreed that their learning times have been reduced, impacting their ability to achieve a productive academic performance.

“I really struggled to enjoy my course and do well. The second tuition free week helped with understanding complex content before final assessments,” one student recounted in the survey.

Image Credit: Maggie Leung

Aside from the academic perspective, students’ wellbeing is also under threat under such change. 43% of students responded as having less time to participate in events around campus. This comes at a great cost to students’ study­–life balance and worsens the overloaded counselling service on campus.

“[The loss of one tuition free week] impacts spending time with my young family. I could not keep up with tuition looking after two children on school holidays,” was quoted from one student in the survey.

Image Credit: Maggie Leung

Curtin Student Guild President Jesse Zambrano said Curtin’s decision makers have made a significant impact on real students who are studying on campus due to this change.

“If Curtin values quality of education, they must return our tuition free weeks.

“If you want to reduce the strain on Curtin’s counselling as students have said, start with the things you can control like the way you carry out teaching and learning at Curtin. We are here today to ask them to return our tuition free weeks.

“Students are the heart of this campus and its culture.”

Image Credit: Maggie Leung

If this article has raised any concerns for you or someone you know at Curtin, please contact the Guild Student Assist or Student Wellbeing Advisory service.

The Guild Wellbeing Fair will be held on 11th September Wednesday from 11am at Creative Quarter and the Guild welcomes all students to attend.