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From 24 to 25 June 2023, Supanova returned to Perth to hold their annual comic and gaming convention. 

Supanova is an Australian event that has been running for over 20 years, with fans of pop-culture media — such as comics, video games or anime — gathering to share their interests by cosplaying their favourite characters, meeting celebrity guests and purchasing collectables from exhibitors to fulfil their hobbies.

In addition to running various activities at the convention, Supanova also provides a national platform for aspiring talent to sell their products and network with like-minded people.

Image Credit: Curtin Illustration Club

Curtin Illustration Club tabled at the convention this year to sell their members’ artwork and their annual anthology comic book, Myth, and Vice President Sophie Lai Cheong says that CIC has been tabling at Supanova since 2014. 

“We heard of Supanova from word-of-mouth and made the necessary arrangements by cross-checking with the Guild to see what being an exhibitor at Supanova entails,” says Sophie. 

“CIC wanted to create the opportunity for our club members’ work to have more exposure to the public and to also help them get their short comics published through Myth. Since then, it has become a tradition for us to attend Supanova and expand our presence to other similar events.”

Despite there being a slight drop-off in comparison to last year’s event, CIC notes that sales were surprisingly consistent with numbers they’ve seen in previous years.

Image Credit: Curtin Illustration Club

Sophie also describes how the convention made changes to its event map for 2023.

“This year’s map differed from last year’s, putting the more comic and story-based ‘indie press zone’ of the artist alley into its own little alcove of the convention floor, which created a small subsection where people looking to buy comics and other publications could easily find them.”

Due to this decision, CIC unfortunately experienced a reduction in overall traffic flow, for they were positioned adjacent to other artists’ tables. 

However, they remained positive that patrons were excited and dedicated enough to support indie publications like Myth.

Besides Supanova, CIC attended Tokyo Alley earlier this year and have plans to table at the upcoming Perth Comic Arts Festival (PCAF).

Image Credit: Curtin Illustration Club

“As long as Supanova is planned to happen again next year, CIC aims to be part of it, as we see the value and opportunity it offers to our club and our members,” Sophie expresses.

“The CIC committee wants to keep giving our members the chance to volunteer with us at Supanova, and that in turn gives them better insight and experience needed for them to table on their own if they wish to in the future.”

CIC strongly encourages Curtin University students to attend Supanvoa if they haven’t already.

“Supanova is a really awesome event that brings all of Perth’s pop-culture fans together — we think there’s truly something for everyone.”