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With the printing of the first edition of 2023 currently underway, Grok Magazine is open for submissions for its second edition, with hopes of securing articles, prose and poetry by the end of August.

Grok Magazine is a student-run publication at Curtin University that has been running since 1969, and is currently overseen by the Curtin Student Guild.

On top of publishing online articles on a weekly basis, Grok also offers students the opportunity to get their work printed at the end of each semester.

While Grok offers a variety of categories that Curtin students can submit for (Art & Film, Music, Student Life, Politics & Economics, Science & Technology, Prose & Poetry and Guild Survival Guide), the Grok team still encourages these submissions to tie back to Curtin as much as possible.

Dhanya Vimalan
2023 Grok Editor-in-Chief
Image Credit: Dhanya Vimalan

Grok editor-in-chief Dhanya Vimalan says that Grok aims to be a strong voice for Curtin students.

“We believe our magazine is the ideal outlet for students to get what they feel is important across to the public, while also supporting their local community.”

In addition, the theme of ‘community’ was specifically voted on for the upcoming edition. 

“We put up a poll on our Instagram, encouraging readers old and new to vote for what they feel should be the theme for our next edition,” Dhanya explains.

“’Community’ had the most votes, and I personally feel this was a great choice, as it truly encompasses what Grok stands for — being a voice for the community.”

When asked about the editing and publishing process, Dhanya affirms that Grok’s contributing editors and herself will divide submissions equally amongst themselves and go over each one in detail.

“We will pick the submissions that we think best fit the theme and overall style and message of the edition. Then, we’ll collate all the picker stories and hand it over to our graphic designer, who will then put it together in a magazine format and voila!”

Not only will contributing to Grok’s next print edition give students the opportunity to get their work published, but a cash prize of $200 is also being offered to the winner of the Editors’ Choice Award.

Image Credit: Athina Hilman

If you’re interested in submitting your work, please follow the submission requirements:

Word Limit: 1000 words max
Font: Calbiri (Body)
Title: 14px Bold
Name: 10px
Content Warnings (if applicable): 12px, italicised
Body Text: 12px with 1.5 line spacing

Email your submissions to and include your full name, student ID and preferred email address. All inquiries should also be sent to the aforementioned email address.

Submissions for Grok’s second edition will close on 31 August 2023.