Prove your humanity

Love was in the air last week as the Curtin Student Guild organised Love Week, a week-long celebration of relationships between friends, family, partners, teachers and many more.

Guild Vice President of Activities Athina Hilman says Love Week was an idea derived from the Guild’s original Rad Sex and Consent Week, and she wanted to shift the focus to more than just romantic love.

“We originally hold Rad Sex and Consent Week and this year I thought I would rebrand it to Love Week, it was important to me that love was not just about romantic love, but platonic too,” she says.

What love week celebrates is love in the purest form, the feeling of elation you have for someone and even yourself, we pushed messaging that love is beyond romantic.”

Guild Humanities representative Jude Soussan at ‘Love and Watercolours’. Photo: Supplied.

The week kicked off with ‘Love and Watercolours’, an event led by Guild Humanities representative Jude Soussan, with free watercolour painting and light snacks and refreshments.

Jude says the event was a success, with a number of students showing up to bond and make new connections.

“It was lovely to see students come and just enjoy their time at this chill event, especially international students,” she says.

“They were very open and all spoke to each other since I got them to share watercolour pallets and little water bowls, so they had to communicate, they were having such a good time to the point where I had to push the event another half an hour because they just wanted to stay for longer!”

The day concluded with a screening of ’10 Things I Hate About You’ at the Tav.

Tuesday and Thursday saw the Guild’s very own cupids and angels hand-deliver heart-shaped lollipops to students around campus.

The week before, students had the chance to order a lollipop with a special note for their friends and lovers to be delivered during class times by Guild volunteers and representatives.

Lollipops delivered during Love Week. Photo: Supplied.

Marketing student Mirrah Afiqah Binti Azhan says buying lollipops was a small gesture to show her appreciation for her friends and thank them for being in her life.

“Before coming here, I did not think I could make friends and fit in the same way I did back home, after being here for over a year, I can safely say I was right, I did not make friends, I found a family instead,” she explains.

“Buying these lollipops for each other was a simple way for us to show how much we care for one another, and it’s small moments like this that I truly appreciate.”

Guild Vice President of Activities Athina Hilman selling lollipops for Love Week. Photo: Andrew Williams.

All proceeds from the purchase of the lollipops went to Sexual Health Quarters, an organisation dedicated to educating, informing, and empowering individuals to enjoy and embrace sexual health and relationship wellbeing.

A Pop-Up Cart was also set up in front of the Guild reception for students to purchase a lollipop for themselves or gift to someone else.

Coordinator for the International Student Council and Guild volunteer Kim Pinto says hand-delivering the lollipops to students was incredibly heart-warming and hopes to have another event like this again.

“It was very emotionally fulfilling seeing the surprise look on the students’ faces when they were receiving their lollipops, I guess it is a very welcoming surprise, I would love to deliver more lollipops,” she says.

“There were a lot of people buying lollipops to have delivered to their loved one, so I have a feeling the numbers are going to prove we need a rerun of Love Week!”

On Wednesday, the Museum of Love was out on display at outside the Guild reception, showcasing love letters and love-related memorabilia shared by students and club stall activities.

Love letters from students on display at the Museum of Love. Photo: Dhanya Vimalan.

The week ended with a Karoke Night at the Tav, with students belting out their favourite love songs until their lungs gave out.

Love Week’s Karaoke Night. Photo: Supplied.