Prove your humanity

A student guild is an independent body which represents students, working collectively to enhance university campus culture and create a supportive student experience.

At Curtin, the student guild coordinates activities and events, including Toga Party, Love Week and the Guild Ball, whilst providing students with access to Student Assist services, discounts and entertainment.

According to Curtin Student Guild, their mission is to create a ‘fun and vibrant community that maximises the student experience.’

“Our vision is to be the leading independent student-run organisation in Australia, which is highly valued by all of the university community, especially our members,” their website reads.

“Student representatives are elected each year to advocate for you to the university on important issues. They work together with a group of professional staff to make sure you leave Curtin with more than just a piece of paper when you graduate.”

National Union of Students President Bailey Riley says university Guilds are crucial in providing a strong place for student representation.

“[Guilds] allow students to really voice their opinions on issues that are happening on campus and gives them a pathway to make change,” Riley says.

“Student guilds also provide really good services for students like legal representation, and depending on which guild you’re talking about, they run the clubs and the actual fun aspects of university. They have a lot of sway in how universities look for students and how their experiences are.”

Riley also stresses the Student Amenities Fee (SSAF) – amenity fees of a non-academic nature – is in the ‘best hands’ with a student guild.

“Your SSAF is going straight to students running all these fun events and all these good services, so it’s really important to stress that your SSAF fees are going back to you.”