Prove your humanity

The Curtin Student Guild elections will be held in September with voting polls set to open on Monday September 18. Voting will close on Thursday September 21. Here is a quick run-down of the parties running in the 2023 election:

Illuminate party

The Illuminate party is a progressive party, committed to ‘activism, advocacy and solidarity’. The Illuminate party was formed in 2014 and is independent, meaning they are not affiliated with any political party. Illuminate actively works to deliver on-campus events and services to students whilst upholding ‘Guild transparency and democracy’. Curtin Guild is currently led by the Illuminate party.

Left Action party

The Left Action party is a left-wing, anti-capitalist party with a strong stance on socialist politics. They stand for the overthrowing of capitalism and the construction of a socialist system. It is affiliated with the Socialist Alternative party (SAlt). Left Action actively campaigns on several societal issues including refugee rights, Indigenous rights and LGBTQI+ rights. The party hosts regular ‘introduction to Marxism’ discussion groups where members discuss socialist ideas.

Yeehaw party

The Yeehaw party is a small two-man party with an aim to ensure all students feel ‘right at home’ at Curtin University. The party stands for unity and diversity and aims to bridge the gap between students and the faculty ‘faster than a jackrabbit on a hot day’. The Yeehaw party has two candidates this election; Muhammad Lababidi (Vice) and Callum Baxter (Guild Council). “We’ll be workin’ together to corral those academic obstacles and ride ’em out of town, one dusty trail at a time, with a wink and a swagger that’ll make the desert blush,” their statement says.


Independents are candidates who do not belong to a political party. A candidate may choose to be an independent because they do not align with the political values of the major parties.